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Remote sensing of surface currents, winds, and waves using High Frequency Radar

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) operates a system of three medium-range Seasonde HF radars on the southern New England shelf capable of observing the ocean environment at ranges up to 45 km.  These systems are being utilized to conduct advanced research on:

  • the exchange of water, nutrients, and pollutants between the surf zone and the coastal ocean offshore
  • improving surface current extraction methods from the radar signals
  • and adapting wind and wave extraction methods to the SeaSonde HF radar system, which could be implemented at each of the ~350 SeaSonde coastal radar systems operating worldwide.

Remote measurements of surface winds and waves are the topic of ongoing research and not presently available for realtime viewing.

This project is sponsored by WHOI, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and the New England Marine Renewable Energy Center.